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houma, la


New Orleans Louisiana entertainer Matthew Noel artfully brings his stage show using magic, yo yos, juggling, and comedy.


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Magic YoYo N9, N8, T6, and T9

Matthew Noel

This video shows off the magic yoyo N9, N8, T6, and T9 yoyos. The N9 is called N9 - floating and is my favorite out of this group. It has effective hubstacks, a beautiful spatter anodized finish, and is smooth on the string. The N8 is undersized and quite fun. The T6 is a great all around yoyo. All are unresponsive out of the box. My current everyday throw is between the N9 - floating and N5 Desperado. Overall the yoyos play extremely well. Thanks to magic yoyo for letting me shoot this video. I'm not the best yoyoer but I love to throw!

Magic YoYo N5, N6, and T5 Review

Matthew Noel

This video shows off the magic yoyo N5, N6, and T5 yoyos. The N5 is named Desperado and the N6 is named Magistrate.

I felt like a kid when I received the three yoyos.  The packaging and anodized yoyos look great.  I found the included polyester string a bit grippy with the silicone friction pads.  I quickly put on my yoyo jam yellow string and it performed great.  The concave bearing is smooth through string tricks.  Overall the yoyos play extremely well. My favorite so far is the Desperado.  This is a win for a reasonably priced set of metal yoyos with solid play.  Below are a few photos of the packaging and yoyos.  Enjoy!